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  • Bachelor of Social Work (Bachelor of Social Work) Bachelor of Social Work

     Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) 

    BSW, likewise named as Single man of Social Work is a long term college degree course that gives information and abilities to work in the social area, planning to give quality life as well as training. Social Work, as the name proposes, expects to give every single resident, explicitly the less privileged ones, an honorable daily routine worth experiencing with all parts of social conveniences and equivalent equity.  

    Admissions to BSW courses are finished based on merit. Understudies who have qualified for class 12 board tests with a base total score of 55% or more are qualified to seek BSW courses from any school or college. BSW Confirmation 2022 ordinarily starts following the different sheets tests are finished up. In specific cases, the BSW Confirmations are finished through direct mode or by means of horizontal passage conspire. 

    After finishing a degree in BSW, understudies can decide to seek additional examinations which incorporate seeking after a postgraduate or a doctoral certificate, or they can likewise decide to begin working across different NGOs and other social government assistance associations as Friendly Specialists. The typical compensation of a social specialist in India generally runs between INR 2.50 L - 4 L yearly, which slowly ascends with experience, information, refreshed abilities and openness.

    What is BSW Course 

    BSW is a three-year undergrad proficient degree course studying the field of social work. An ordinary BSW degree course endures three years and is separated into six semesters. In specific conditions, up-and-comers are expected to complete the program  within a limit of six years. Competitors can sign up for BSW full-time or even as a correspondence or distance learning degree. There are three principal parts to the BSW course: the establishment course, the elective course, and the hands on work. BSW courses can be sought after both in English and Hindi across different schools in the country. It is valuable to applicants who might jump at the chance to work in friendly government assistance areas as it assists them with obtaining proficient abilities and information to assist the clients with managing their profound and mental issues. 

    The educational program gives social work instruction and preparation in view of native information. It assists the student with fostering the necessary mentalities in understanding individuals' critical thinking mediations. 

    Why Study BSW 

    BSW is apt for candidates interested in providing professional assistance to people in need. 

    BSW Eligibility

    The Eligibility Criteria for studying BSW are:

    BSW Jobs

    There are a number of social service avenues a BSW graduate can get into. Here is the list of professions one can practice upon completion of BSW.

    Habilitation specialist
    Group home worker
    Teaching parent
    Mental health assistant
    Residential counselor
    Program coordinator
    Activity director
    Workshop director
    Charity officer
    Volunteer coordinator
    Youth worker
    Play therapist
    Community development worker
    Adult guidance worker
    Advice worker

    Persons with professional training/ degrees in Social Work generally work in socially-relevant areas such as health care, community development, education, industry, counseling, family, correction, social defense, women, children, disability etc.

    Average Annual Salary (INR)
    Social Worker
    Counseling clients approaching them or their organization and following on up these cases. Maintaining records/case histories. Coordinating with other NGOs, the legal aid board, hospitals etc. on their behalf as and when required.
    Special Educator
    Planning and organizing events related to social issues. Co-coordinating and facilitating committee meetings of the Public Affairs and Social Issues department. Engaging/networking with companies for jobs for their clients after training.
    Project Manager
    To head the skill training center and manage day-to-day operations of the center. Lead fundraising initiatives and network with various stakeholders. Work on new initiatives including major donors, donation options, and regular giving. Contribute to the overall running of the charity as an active member of the management team
    Habilitation Specialist
    They provide support to disabled clients so that they can live independently. They design and execute rehabilitation programs, hire and train staff, conduct client assessments, and creat personalized treatment plans.
    They teach students about the importance of social work and how to help people who are in need.

    Ans. - The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree is most suited for entry-level positions in areas such as family services, child welfare, public health, and substance abuse. However, individuals interested in clinical social work often continue their education and obtain a Master of Social Work (MSW)

    Ans. - BSW is a good thing to get if you want to be a Social Worker. With an MSW you can teach at the Community College level, you can each BSW level course work at State colleges, and you can be an assistant instructor at most colleges and universities.

    Ans. - Caseworker, Family Service Worker, Habilitation Specialist, Mental Health Assistant, Residential Case Manager,and Activity/Workshop Director are some of the jobs one can do after a BSW degree.

    Ans. - Yes, BSW is a professional degree course offered at the bachelor’s (UG) level.

    Ans. - Yes, you can do MBA after BSW provided that you have a minimum score of 50% in graduation from a BSW college that is recognized by some board of education.

    Ans. - Candidates should score 50% marks in class 10+2 from a recognized board of education to be eligible for BSW.